Sunny Leone to wear a lot of sexy clothes in Jism 2

As expected Sunny Leone would be wearing a lot of revealing and sexy dresses in Jism 2. Expect a lot of see through dresses as well. The Indian-origin porn star even confirmed on twitter: “You are all gonna go crazy when you see all the amazing sexy clothes that Miss Ana Singh and Pooja Bhatt have picked for me. My fittings are done and Hindi lesson is over for today! Headed back to the hotel.”
Well, as Rakhi Sawant has also said that when Mahesh Bhatt can make simple Indian girl look nude and coax them to shed off a lot of her clothes then one can very well expect that what all Sunny Leoen will do in the film. True, she will not hesitate even for a while if asked to pose nude for the camera. After all, it is her profession, I mean to get nude. For sure Indian Censor Board will have a lot of tough time in passing Jism 2 for Indian audiences and all those who have liking for Adult movie should find Jism 2 just ideal for themselves. At the same we should not negate that fact as Sunny Leone has said, time and again, that she wants to establish herself as an actress and shed off the tag of a porn star.


Sunny Leone's look in 'JISM2'


Sunny leone's First look in 'Jism 2'


Don’t call Sunny Leone a porn star: Dino Morea

As Dino Morea flashes his dimpled smile to greet media-persons, he appears happy in his new role as that of a producer. His boyish charm and down-to-earth demeanor had Amdavadi nymphets go gaga during his whistlestop tour to the state.

I'm co-producing Jism 2. Production is a different ball game for me. Keeping that in mind, I am not acting in this flick. I've faith in my co-producer Pooja (Bhatt) who is making me learn many aspects of production and I'm enjoying it. Along with Jism 2, I'm also doing research for a film which I am going to produce next. This flick will be based on a true story.

Post Pyaar Impossible, I had been approached for different kind of roles, but, I wasn't getting the kind of films I wanted to do. I didn't want to dig a grave for myself in B-Town by doing the wrong kind of films. I'll be back on screen when i have something suitable. I need to establish myself as a producer now.

Sunny Leone is much talked about for her casting in Jism 2. I don't understand what's the hoopla all about? That she was a porn-star? But she has not done anything wrong - porn is legal in the country she hails from. Keep that tag away from her. She is a fantastic and beautiful person. She is so endearing that anybody can fall in love with her. She is rehearsing for her role and is working hard to settle in Bollywood.

I've been linked with many of my co-stars. Earlier it used to affect me a lot. Now, I take it as just-another-news and let it go! Nandita Mahtani, who is my friend and partner with a football academy. As for our relationship, let's say, I want the speculations to continue. All I will say on record is that Nandita and I are close.

I've come to Ahmedabad many times, and everytime I'm here, I savour the Gujarati thaali - I've it and on the flight back, a 'sweet' nap is guaranteed!


Sunny looks to vidya for Hindi lessons

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After winning hearts on small screen and bagging a role in Jism 2 as a main lead,Porn star Sunny wants to get dirty Don't take it wrong.We are only talking about Leone's idol:who is none other then vidya balan.
Yes Sunny is leaving no stone unturned to get her first act right! Apart for working on her Hindi accent,Leone wants to get acting lesson also from none other then the Dirty picture Star.
Recently sunny was heard saying, '' if i ever meet her (VIDYA) and if she agree's to give me tips i will definitely listen to her intently!
Looks like Sunny is taking her Bollywood debut quite seriously http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sunny-Leone-Fan-Club/288698734510513 open the link given and like Sunny's Fb fan club to get every latest news!!!   


Can Sunny Leone be the next Silk Smitha?

Vidya Balan oozed oomph onscreen as Silk in 'The Dirty Picture'. And she walked away with a National Award. The real Silk in Kollywood, however, wasn't so fortunate.
Silk Smitha, who acted in all the south film industries, attained cult status. But K-town is yet to find a 'sexy' replacement for her. With adult movie star Sunny Leone making waves in Bollywood, the question is - can she be the next Silk?
She's as open about her sexuality as Silk possibly was and doesn't shy of showing skin. She can mesmerise men as much as Silk could and has already garnered a fan base post Bigg Boss.
Ram Gopal Varma, who is known to have sexy and oomphy characters in his movies, seems to believe in her. Ask him if Sunny Leone can become the new Silk in the south and he says, "What Sunny Leone will become obviously will depend upon the kind of films and roles she will choose to do. But personally, I think she has a lot of potential."
Director Chari Toleti, who's currently busy with Ajith's Billa 2, has his own take on this. "We tend to typecast people way too soon. Silk Smitha has played all kinds of roles, but she was known more for her sexy ones," he says adding, "If Sunny is a talented and good actress and the movie demands such a character, then why not cast her?"
So what did Silk have that a modern avatar would need to? Director Lingusamy of Vettai fame says that Silk Smitha's greatest asset was her ability to gauge the outfits that suited her and the features to highlight. "I have heard that she had a good costume sense. In yesteryears, there was a need for actors like her as films had roles specially written for them."
But Lingusamy says that times have changed in Tamil cinema and stories have also changed. "We hardly have item numbers in our films now. There used to be a club or rain song earlier, but not today."
Internet and TV also provide easy accessibility to sexy pictures of women, so the audience doesn't have to rush to the theatre to catch a glimpse of them, is his reckoning.
As for Silk's popularity, Lingusamy says, "When she died, all the bars in the city were full!" Apparently, fans were so dejected and upset about her untimely death that they drowned their sorrows for days on end there.


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